Skin Checks

Skin Checks

At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery we are able to offer our patients a comprehensive skin examination service. Australians have a high incidence of sun related skin cancer, some of which can be fatal if not diagnosed early. Early detection of skin cancer assists in preventing serious complications. Our objective at Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery is to provide an efficient skin cancer service to allow early detection, diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer.

Some skin cancers are so small they are almost invisible to the untrained eye, and can start and grow without any symptoms. However, skin cancer can be simple to treat when detected early. The doctors at Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery are highly experienced with skin cancer detection and treatment.

A skin health check takes just 15 minutes.

Two in every three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer before they are 70. We therefore encourage all our patients to have regular skin checks to ensure early detection. It is particularly important to have annual skin checks if you or anyone in your family has a history of sun damaged skin, skin cancer or melanoma or if you have moles.

There are three main types of skin cancer:

  • melanoma
  • squamous cell carcinoma
  • basal cell carcinoma

The Cancer Council recommends that all adults should:

  • become familiar with their skin
  • check all areas of their skin, including skin not normally exposed to the sun
  • look for changes in shape, colour or size, or a new spot – if you notice anything unusual, see your doctor straight away
  • seek assistance from others to check difficult to see areas, such as their back.

The following can place you at higher risk of developing skin cancer:

  • Family history of melanoma in a first degree relative.
  • Fair complexion, a tendency to burn rather than tan, the presence of freckles, light eye colour, light or red hair colour.
  • Presence of solar lentigines (large freckles).
  • Past history of non-melanoma skin cancer, e.g. Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Basal Cell Carcinoma
  • People with childhood high levels of UV exposure and episodes of sunburn.
  • People with multiple atypical or dysplastic (irregular shaped) moles who have a history of melanoma in themselves or in one or more first degree relative.

There are many ways of treating various types of skin cancer. At Ozemed Medical centre we offer the latest in state of the art equipment and facilities for all types of surgical and non-surgical treatment of skin cancer. Our doctors are trained in these methods and can advise you as to the best and most appropriate treatment for each particular type of skin cancer.


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