It may sometimes be difficult to acknowledge that you may require help, and you may hesitate at the thought of talking about your private life and thoughts with a stranger, however, most people who decide to see their psychologist see the benefits of working through their problems.

At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery we aim to provide professional support to our clients, so they attain the balance and harmony they seek in their lives. Our psychologists can assist by assessing your thoughts and feelings, they explore and trace the origins of your problems and seek to develop effective ways of managing your difficulties.

We provide therapy and treatment for a range of issues, such as;

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Parenting and behaviour management
  • Relationships
  • Group therapy
  • Chronic pain
  • Self esteem
  • Trauma of work injury, motor vehicle injury and victims of crime
  • Life, work and family crises
  • Conflict resolution, conciliation and mediation.
  • Bullying, intimidation, victimization and sexual harassment.
  • Psychometric assessment for Children, adolescents and adults

We provide both individual and group therapy sessions. These sessions are usually 1 hour in length. Initially a thorough assessment is conducted in order to develop the best treatment plan. Your treatment options will be discussed during the initial appointment.

At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery our doctors can refer patients through the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health Care Scheme for some of the most common mental health problems, and who would benefit from a structured approach to the management of their mental health needs. A GP referral usually consists of 6 sessions, with a possible extra 4 (on review), which allows 10 sessions per calendar year. Common referrals are for Anxiety and Depression.

This practice is committed to providing quality comprehensive mental health services to the Penrith area. Medicare rebates can vary depending upon client circumstances, length of session and the type of service provided by the Psychologist.

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