Pregnancy tests

Pregnancy Tests

At Ozemed Medical center and Surgery we provide a range of pregnancy related health services. We treat and provide advice on matters relating to sexual health and contraception.

Pregnancy testing

Urine pregnancy tests are easy to use and inexpensive, and are about 97% accurate. They can be purchased from your local pharmacy or supermarket.

Many home pregnancy tests detect pregnancy by identifying the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in urine 17 to 20 days after fertilization. Some of the newer home tests can detect pregnancy from a urine sample as early as a few days after a missed period.

Many women especially young women may have irregular periods. These irregularities may include missed periods and other changes in the menstrual cycle. These irregularities can happen from month to month. Although pregnancy is the most common reason for missing a period, irregularity is also caused by illness, travel, worry, or stress.

At Ozemed Medical center and Surgery, we can perform a urine pregnancy test to confirm the pregnancy. We may also perform a blood test to confirm an ongoing pregnancy or miscarriage.

Blood pregnancy tests used by doctors

Your doctor can give you a blood pregnancy test as early as 11–14 days after ovulation. At Ozemed Medical center and Surgery we have an in-house pathology service. Our specialised nurses will take a sample of blood from a vein in your arm. The results of most blood pregnancy tests take at least a couple of days.

Blood test results are about 99 per cent accurate and can detect lower amounts of HCG than urine pregnancy tests. The two main types of blood pregnancy test include:

  • Quantitative blood test– measures the exact amount of HCG in the blood and can give you an estimate of how far along the pregnancy has progressed.
  • Qualitative blood test–checks for the presence of HCG. As this test doesn’t measure the exact levels of HCG, it can’t offer an estimate of gestation.

Signs of pregnancy

  • sore or enlarged breasts
  • headaches
  • frequent urination
  • a missed period
  • nausea
  • unexplainable fatigue


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