Pre-employment medicals

Pre Employment Medicals

At Ozemed Medical center and Surgery, we carry out pre-employment Medical Assessments to ensure an employee is fit to work in a specific environment and to protect them from potentially harmful work environments.

The pre-employment medical is conducted by our experienced doctors and will be tailored to the employer’s requirements. Following the assessment, a report is prepared which describes the candidate’s suitability to perform the roles required and whether any restrictions or limitations may apply. This helps the employer understand the risks you might be exposed to during your employment and how they can best manage these risks.

Each pre-employment medical is tailored to the role you are applying for. Your pre-employment may involve some or all of the following:
• Medical history, lifestyle and work history questionnaire
• Posture assessment
• Measurements -including: height, weight, pulse, etc.
• Blood pressure check
• Spirometry (lung function) test
• Hearing test - sometimes requiring offsite testing.
• Physical assessment - may include an ECG/Skin/Abdominal/Nervous system
• Basic muscoskeletal
• Chest x-ray
• Vision
• Urinalysis - to check for blood or sugar
• Drug or alcohol screen - from urine, saliva or blood sample.

Specialised Medicals

In addition, certain industries require specific health information. Our doctors and medical staff undergo special training which allows them to conduct these types of medicals including:
• Aviation Medicals
• Marine And Offshore Medical Services
• Emergency Response Medical Assessments
• Rail Medicals
• VISA and Overseas Medicals
• OGUK and Offshore Medicals
• Maritime Medicals
• Commercial Drivers Medicals

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