Men’s’ Health

Men's Health

At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery, our doctors can help guide men towards a healthier lifestyle and teach you how to avoid health problems that typically affect men. Men's Health checks involve the prevention and early detection of common medical conditions such as high blood pressure, blood screening, heart and vascular disease, diabetes and cancers.

Our doctors understand that men have specific health issues which can vary at different stages of life. We also recognize that men are often reluctant to seek help for health related issues. It may be difficult to talk about your problems but we encourage you to seek treatment before your problem escalates to a serious health matter.

Our doctors conduct preventative health checks designed specifically for men and provide education to suit each patient's individual needs and include:

  • General health check
  • Blood pressure test 
  • Heart check 
  • Blood sugar level test 
  • Height and weight check, including hip-to-waist ratio, BMI 

  • Bladder problems
  • Testes, prostate check
  • STD check if required 
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Urine check onsite 

  • Expert advice regarding “lifestyle”, including smoking, alcohol and drug use
  • Pathology onsite. 

If you have a problem, our doctors can help you with advice and treatment. You will be seen by a male doctor who has a special interest in men's health and who has the time to listen to your concerns. Your doctor will allow ample time for potential problems to be discussed, diagnosed and, if necessary, tested. You can be assured that all of your enquiries and appointments are handled discreetly and in strictest confidence.


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