Diabetes Assessments

Diabetes Assessments

At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery we focus on helping patients control their diabetes and reduce the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. We offer patient assessment, medication management, blood glucose testing and meal planning.
Our caring and experienced team assess patient needs, develop individualized care plans and teach patients how to self-manage their diabetes. We understand that living with diabetes can be a challenge, at Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery we have a professional and dedicated team to help you live with diabetes on a daily basis.

At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery we help you to learn the self-care behaviours proven to improve your glucose control. We can assist with your needs, whether you have diabetes, prediabetes or gestational diabetes, or are newly diagnosed.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes typically have many questions and concerns. Our team help alleviate your fears. Working closely with patients and family members, we provide quality information, psychological support and compassionate care.

• Advanced medical management
• Glucometer download
• Diagnostic continuous glucose monitoring
• Insulin pump initiation and management
• Dietary evaluation
• Medical nutrition therapy
• Management of associated complications
• Pre-pregnancy counselling
• Diabetes in Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes
• Indigenous diabetes health

Complications Screening
At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery we assist in reducing the potential complications associated with diabetes by managing or referring annual screening tests for the following:
• Eye and vision screening
• High risk foot service
• Kidneys (blood & urine tests)
• Heart disease risk factors

Medical Review
At Ozemed Medical centre and Surgery we regularly review your diabetes management and discuss, or change the treatment to suit your individual needs.

Diabetes Symptoms
If you have one or more of these symptoms, see your doctor right away:
• Frequent urination
• Excessive thirst
• Extreme hunger
• Unusual weight loss
• Increased fatigue
• Irritability
• Blurry vision

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